Life in 1957 – Popular Culture Facts


This page offers an insight into life in 1957 and includes World news, political leaders, prices, population statistics and information about the popular culture of 1957.

The year 1957 began on a Tuesday. It was not a leap year. 1957 saw the emergence of the H2N2 Influenza pandemic, nicknamed Asian Flu.

1957 In The News

Life in 1957 - Suez Canal re-opened
Suez Canal re-opened in 1957

8th March – Egypt re-opened the Suez Canal

February– H2N2 Influenza pandemic first reported in Asia

25th March– Treaty of Rome established the European Economic Community

25th July– Tunisia became a republic.

4th September– Little Rock Nine African-American students prevented from attending school

21st September– Olav V succeeded to the throne of Norway.


Life in 1957 – Prices

dollar bill

Average house:
UK – £2021; USA – $12,220
Petrol per gallon:
UK – £0.25; USA – $0.24
Loaf of Bread:
UK – £0.05; USA – $0.19
Gold per ounce:
UK – $34.95, USA – $35.3

Life in 1957 – Population

World Map

World: – 2,890,572,980
Australia: – 9,712,569
Canada: – 17,010,154
China: – 633,214,528
India: – 419,900,992
Soviet Union: 114,554,840
United States: – 171,187,008
United Kingdom: – 51,430,000


Life in 1957 – Music

Popular MusicBest Selling Single:
UK – Diana – Paul Anka
USA – Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis
AUS – Around the World – Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole
CAN – Teddy Bear – Elvis Presley

Best Selling Album:
UK – The King and I – Original Soundtrack
USA – My Fair Lady – Original Broadway Cast
AUS – No data – Charts began 1966
CAN – No data – Charts began 1968

Popular Artists:
Harry Belafante, Patsy Cline, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Little Richard


On the Bookshelves

BookshelfBooks Published in 1957:

The Cat in the Hat – Dr Seuss
On the Road – Jack Kerouac
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! – Dr Seuss
Dr Zhivago – Boris Pasternak
Dandelion Wine – Ray Bradbury

At the Movies

Movies Films1957 Top Movies (USA box office figures):

1. The Bridge on the River Kwai – $15 million
2. Peyton Place – $11 million
3. Sayonara – $10.5 million
4. Search for Paradise – $6.5 million
5. Old Yeller – $5.9 million


Life in 1957 – World Leaders

Dwight Eisenhower
US President Dwight Eisenhower

Australia Prime Minister – Robert Menzies 
Canada Prime Minister – Louis St Laurent to 21st June; John Diefenbaker from 21st June
China President – Mao Zedong
India Prime Minister – Jawaharlal Nehru
Soviet Union Leader – Nikita Khruschchev
United States President – Dwight Eisenhower
United Kingdom Prime Minister – Anthony Eden to 10th January; Harold MacMillan from 10th January


Born in 1957

Bryan Robson born 1957
Footballer Bryan Robson

11th January – Bryan Robson (Footballer)
9th April – Seve Ballesteros (Golfer)
22nd April – Donald Tusk (Politician)
17th August – Robin Cousins (Figure Skater)
1st September – Gloria Estefan (Singer)
12th September – Hans Zimmer (Musician)

Died in 1957

Humphrey Bogart died 1957
Actor Humphrey Bogart

14th January – Humphrey Bogart (Actor)
12th June – Jimmy Dorsey (Musician)
24th October – Christian Dior (Designer)
25th November – Prince George of Greece and Denmark (Royalty)
17th December – Dorothy L Sayers (Author)


1957 Sport Highlights

Jacques Anquetil 1957Football – Aston Villa won the FA Cup
Cycling – Jacques Anquetil (FRA) won the Tour de France
Golf – Britain beat the United States in the Ryder Cup
Formula One – Won by Juan Manuel Fangio (Argentina)
Baseball – Milwaukee Braves won the World Series
Horse Racing –Linwell won the Cheltenham Gold Cup; Iron Liege won the Kentucky Derby


Christmas Wishlist

Slinky Dog 1957

Slinky Dog
Pogo Stick
Hot Wheels Cars
Play Doh
Paper Dolls

What Was New?

AA Batteries invented 1957

AA Batteries first produced
Velcro was invented
First satellites, Sputnik 1 and 2, launched by Soviet Union
FORTRAN computer language developed



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