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Rewind 365, a look at life in the past

This site has been established as a resource for discovering popular culture facts about life in the UK and USA from 1950 to Present day.

Each page focuses on a particular year and includes information for that year on:

  • News headlines
  • Prices of various commodities
  • Population figures for selected countries
  • Best selling singles and albums in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada
  • Popular books published that year
  • Popular Movies with box office figures
  • Selected World Leaders
  • Famous people born in that year
  • Famous people that died in that year
  • Sporting highlights
  • Notable discoveries and inventions
  • Popular toys


Meet the Author

Heather Yasmin Wheeler

Rewind 365 is owned and managed by Heather Yasmin Wheeler, a serial website publisher, historian, teacher and entrepreneur. 

As a qualified teacher, I understand the importance of making complex information accessible and easy to understand. My background in education has allowed me to develop a knack for breaking down the intricacies of particular subjects so that everyone, from children to adults can understand the history of the World we live in.

Over the years, I’ve owned and operated numerous content websites. These experiences have honed my skills as a writer, webmaster, and curator of relevant knowledge and information.


A Commitment to Accuracy

When it comes to writing about the past, accuracy is of prime importance. Every article and piece of information on this website is a product of meticulous research and fact-checking.



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