Life in 1967

Che Guevara

The year 1967 began on a Sunday. 1967 In The News 11th March – The Cambodian Civil War began . 18th March – Supertanker, the …

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Life in 1966

Australian Dollar

The year 1966 began on a Saturday. 1966 In The News 14th February – The Australian dollar was introduced to replace the Australian pound . …

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Life in 1965

Winston Churchill Funeral

The year 1965 began on a Friday. 1965 In The News 30th January – Winston Churchill given a state funeral. 21st February – Malcolm X …

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Life in 1964

The Beatles 1964

The year 1964 was a leap year and began on a Wednesday. 1964 In The News 12th January – The Zanzibar Revolution began. 4th June …

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Life in 1963

JFK Assassination 1963

The year 1963 began on a Tuesday. 1963 In The News 29th January – Charles de Gaulle of France vetoed Britain’s entry into the European …

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Life in 1962

The Beatles

The year 1962 began on a Monday. 1962 In The News 14th May – Juan Carlos of Spain married Princes Sophia of Greece 5th August– …

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