Life in 1958

Munich Air Disaster 1958

The year 1958 began on a Wednesday and was the penultimate year of the 1950s. 1958 In The News 6th February – Munich Air Disaster …

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Life in 1957

Suez Canal re-opened 1957

The year 1957 began on a Tuesday. This year saw the emergence of the H2N2 Influenza pandemic, nicknamed Asian Flu. 1957 In The News 8th …

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Life in 1956

Hungarian Revolution 1956

The year 1956 began on a Sunday and was a leap year. 1956 In The News 2nd March – Morocco gained independence from France 19th …

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Life in 1955

Rosa Parks bus seat 1955

The year 1955 began on a Saturday. The year saw the beginning of Civil Rights protests in the United States. 1955 In The News 5th …

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Life in 1954

Marilyn Monroe and Joe diMaggio 1954

The year 1954 began on a Friday. 1954 In The News 14th January – Marilyn Monroe married Joe diMaggio. 17th May– Brown v Board of …

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Life in 1953

North Sea Floods

The year 1953 began on a Thursday.  1953 In The News 31st January – North Sea floods killed around 2500 people. 6th March– Georgy Malenkov …

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Life in 1952

1952 Olympics

The year 1952 began on a Tuesday and was a leap year. 1952 In The News 6th February – Elizabeth II became Queen of Britain …

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Life in 1951

Festival of Britain Poster

The year 1951 began on a Monday and was the second year of the new decade. 1951 In The News 27th February – 22nd Amendment …

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